Merricks Lodge — 250K

Merricks Lodge

Nov 2019

What we got up to

After a day of Peer Mentor training, campers started arriving at Merricks Lodge, keen for the weekend ahead. Once settled into camp and our tummies full, we ventured out to play a couple of fun games before battling it out in a few rounds of trivia.

We rose early on Saturday morning as we had a health session with a psychologist on managing anxiety first up. Later in the morning, we split into two groups (blue and orange) for tree-climbing. We spent the morning climbing up and down two VERY TALL pine trees – it was amazing!

After lunch, we split in two group again. This time, some headed to the pools to practice snorkelling techniques (for our big ocean swim on Sunday), and the others participated in allergy management sessions lead by health professionals. After afternoon tea we swapped.

By Saturday evening, Pete Griffiths (CEO of the Australian Camps Association) had arrived and ran us through team challenge exercises, a sensory deprivation course and we finished up with a game of spotlight.

We woke the next day to beautiful sunny skies – perfect conditions for our snorkel at Flinder’s Pier! We split into our groups and headed down to the Pier where we spent a few hours swimming and exploring the exciting underwater environment. We were lucky enough to see a couple of different species of sea stars, a load of fish and some of us even saw the famous Leafy Sea Dragon.

Once we returned to camp, there was time for a quick lunch before we said our goodbyes. What a great weekend we had had. Another successful 250K camp under our belts!

Camp recipes

Beef cottage pie

Chicken and Rice

Pumpkin Soup

Stuffed Potatoes

Tomato Soup

Vegetable Soup

Buckwheat Pancakes

Camp videos

If you need help, contact the organisation below: Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia Send an email Phone 1300 728 000 This support line is not an emergency helpline. Please call 000 for ambulance in an emergency.