Travelling with a food allergy [250K — An allergy awareness project]

Travelling with a food allergy


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Your allergies needn’t stop you from travelling. However, you will need some additional planning so that your trip remains reaction free.

Travel planning. The Basics.

  • Get an ASCIA Travel Plan from your GP. This document tells the airline that you need your EpiPen® and your own food. Your GP can also help you plan and prescribe any additional medications for your trip.
  • Get some travel cards that translate your allergy information into the local language.  Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia now have chef cards available in different languages.
  • Get travel insurance that specifically covers being at risk of anaphylaxis.
  • Take your own food on the plane.
  • Always disclose your allergy when eating out.
  • Take at least two EpiPens® when travelling in Australia and at least three for overseas travel.
  • Always keep your EpiPens with your carry-on luggage. Have them on hand when seated (not in overhead storage).
  • Take wet wipes to wipe down the airplane tray table and arm rest.

Some websites that offer translated information include: